If you’re looking to get an internet connection for your home or work, navigating all the packages and subscriptions offered by South African companies can be a nightmare, which is where comparison tool site FibreTiger comes in handy.

The service has been live for some years now, but many people complained about a poor layout which wasn’t the easiest to navigate.

Thankfully, however, the site has been completely redesigned and now supports ADSL comparisons with its existing fibre tools.

FibreTiger owner Jacques du Rand spoke to us about these changes, stating that many people found the old site too busy, along with some other issues.

“It also doesn’t help that most S.A people struggle with the fibre network vs fibre ISP concept and that you don’t need a Telkom line for fibre, ” du Rand says, “The original site I think also didn’t quite convey the message that we are a comparison service not an ISP.”

ADSL comparisons were added because of the still relatively lacking availability of fibre for many people, necessitating the need for a copper connection.

At the moment the number of listed ADSL suppliers is limited to just Axxess, Mweb, Vox and WebAfrica, but more are being added.

If you want to give all of this a test simply head on over to the FibreTiger main page and get going.

To find available connections start by checking your fibre coverage (if that is the type of connection you want) then fill out some of the details such as if you want an uncapped connection, and what speed you’re looking for.

After filling out those fields you can see which companies can offer you a connection, what their rates are, and if you need to pay for an installation fee or a router. It will also list which services don’t have a fair usage policy, if you’re someone who runs through a lot of data every month.

The FibreTiger interface.