Back in October of last year publisher Devolver Digital revealed one of their upcoming games in Weedcraft Inc – a management tycoon game focused on the business of marijuana.

After not hearing much of the game in the preceding months we now have a lengthy new trailer to show off the game, which focuses on the game’s first scenario. In it brothers Johnny and Clyde (which has to be riff on Bonnie and Clyde, right?) start selling weed after they first started growing it for their dying father.

This scenario is just window dressing to show off a lot of the mechanics of the game, at least in terms of this trailer.

It does a good job of showing the planned progression for players as they move from growing in a basement and selling on the corner, on to becoming a larger, legalised business focused on medicinal sales.

Regardless of yours or anyone else’s opinions around weed, what’s shown in this trailer looks to be a tycoon game that combines traditional business elements from past games in the genre with farming and agricultural aspects.

Our favourite part of the trailer has to be the police aspect where you can outright bribe them for help or become friendly and add them on Facebook.

We also like the spoof of GoFundMe called PayMyMedicalBills as, if you haven’t seen it before, many people use the crowdfunding platform to cover exorbitant medical fees in countries like ours where getting sick can bankrupt you.

As this is labelled as “scenario one” we expect a few different story-based settings to drive the gameplay, but we’ll need to see exactly how many once the game is released.

Weedcraft Inc launches on 11th April and, while it doesn’t have a listed price as of yet, it does have a Steam page where it will be sold exclusively. That last part is kind of important given the recent Epic Store debacles, but the official site for the game has Steam listed and the word “exclusive” is used quite a bit.