Eskom has announced that it will implement Stage 1 loadshedding today, 14th March.

This comes after weeks of Eskom communicating to the public that its grid is strained and generating capacity was coming and going more often than can we recall.

Of course, generating capacity is the reason the grid is so constrained today that Eskom has to implement loadshedding.

“Due to a shortage of capacity, Eskom will implement Stage 1 rotational loadshedding from 11h00 today and is likely to continue until 23h00,” the utility said in a power alert this morning.

As you might be aware, Stage 1 loadshedding calls for 1000MW to be shed nationally to prevent South Africa from experiencing a total blackout.

That doesn’t really ease the burden of traffic, getting home to a dark house or having to order take-out for dinner but it’s nice to know why the lights are off.

South Africans should consult their schedules (the link is from last year but the schedules are still applicable) to find out when the lights will be off and we highly recommend checking the other stages as well. Eskom has a habit of upgrading loadshedding once its in effect and its best to be prepared for these things.