If you’ve ever wanted to make your own Matrix of Leadership you can find a lot of tutorials and 3D print files for the original version from the cartoon, but very few if any for the live action interpretation seen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

That’s what happened to Marcin Poblocki, so he decided to make his own. You may remember Poblocki from his various prints that we’ve featured in previous months from Dune to Star Trek to Alita: Battle Angel. With all these accomplishments under his belt, he was definitely the right person to make this a reality.

As with those other prints, the Matrix of Leadership was modelled in Fusion 360 over the course of eight hours.

When it came to printing the model was sliced in Cura first. With a 20% infill and a 0.2 millimetre layer height, it took 10 hours to finish this print.

The model is made out of three key pieces: two main halves and then a sphere which is housed between them that holds the LEDs. The two main pieces were printed out as normal, but the sphere requires a transparent PLA so the light can shine through.

Not including the sphere, the plastics were coated with a silver spray paint before black and gold detailing was added with a brush. The painting process added around two more hours to the total project time.

With the electronics soldered into place and a small switch added the Matrix of Leadership was completed, with the final product being what you see on this page. This, however, isn’t the only one Poblocki made.

Those not wanting to mess around with adding lighting to their prints can instead find one without these features available to download for free off of Thingiverse.

The LED version is, of course, also free on the same site, but this one will require some supports when it comes time to print.

If you need more 3D printed Transformers in your life you may want to check out TruckBot, a fan-made figure that mimics the transforming functions of the official toys.

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