You know those times when someone hints so heavily at an event taking place that the event actually happening becomes secondary? Well this is one of those times because Castle Crashers is almost certainly coming to the Nintendo Switch.

We say that because of a tweet from Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth which has no text and only contains the image of four different coloured Joy-Cons, which you can see above.

If you’ve never played the game those colours line up with the four main playable characters in the game.

Those looking for even more confirmation should scroll down to see the replies which feature a purple Joy-Con (referencing another playable character, the Blacksmith), a pink Joy-Con (the Pink Knight), and a yellow Joy-Con (the Alien).

With so many game announcement happening recently – seemingly spurred on by an upcoming announcement of a Google platform – we should expect to see more details about this release soon.

Despite Castle Crashers being more than a decade old at this point, it still has a large community around it and we expect they’ll be happy to buy it again on Nintendo’s portable platform. As the title has been discounted so heavily over all those years, it will be interesting to see what its RRP will be.

The Behemoth has been quietly releasing games over that period but none have really captured the magic that Castle Crashers did. Their most recently title, Pit People, was generally well received when it launched last year but rarely comes up in conversation nowadays.

Here’s to hoping a new Switch port also means some other new content from these devs in the near future.