Devil May Cry 5 has been out for a little over one week now, and the latest instalment in this hack-and-slash button mashing franchise has proven a hit with fans and critics alike, despite being a little cringey at times with some odd dialogue choices during cutscenes.

Nevertheless the game is going down a treat, and to reward gamers, developer Capcom has announced an impending update that will a Bloody Palace Mode added to the mix.

The mode is set to be available across all platforms come 1st April as a free download.

Bloody Palace will serve as a test of gamers’ mettle, as far as Capcom is describing it, as it will be a survival-esque mode that will see players having to take on multiple waves on many to make it through. As such, if the story mode, which is already challenging as is, didn’t prove difficult for you, perhaps the Bloody Palace will.

Unfortunately Capcom didn’t go into too much further detail as to what the mode will feature, but did note that gamers will also be able to play as one of the three in-game demon hunters – Dante, Nero or V.

It remains to be seen, however, what kind of perks or in-game content gamers will be able to earn should they be able to take on the Bloody Palace.