Over the past week three highly anticipated LEGO sets have arrived in South Africa, all of which are apparently exclusive to the country’s only official store in Sandton.

The first set is one we’ve already covered before in 21316: The Flintstones. Yes, the old cartoon is now a buildable set thanks to LEGO Ideas, a platform where fan creations can be turned into real sets with enough support from the community.

This set features the Flintstones’ house, their famous leg-powered car, and four minfigiures of the main characters Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty. Those sad that Dino was not included will be a bit happier to see something of an Easter Egg in the set as the TV displays a news broadcast stating that Dino has gone missing, explaining why he isn’t in the set.

With 748 pieces this set costs R1 099.99 locally. Those wondering how much we’re overpaying in South Africa should look at the UK price for a fair comparison, which is £54.99 – converted to R1 050.58 at the time of writing.

Next up is the set we’re most excited by in 10265: Ford Mustang, a rather large scale model of the 1967 car in dark blue complete with white stripes.

Aside from being a great build of the car, this set packs something extra which these large Creator Expert sets don’t usually have: the ability to modify the car.

Now we know that LEGO is itself made to be modified by taking it apart and building new things, but this set does things a bit differently.

Thanks to a few extra components included with the set, you can add a supercharger blower, front fender, side exhausts, a wing and even a nitrous tank in the boot. To top all of that off, there’s also an in-built system to raise the back wheels, giving the car a forward rake.

You can see how those pieces fit onto the car in the header image above.

This set has 1 471 pieces and no minifigures, selling for R 2 299.99 in South Africa. Overseas it’s going for £119.99, which is R2 293.22 right now.

Unfortunately this set is currently sold out and did so in just a few hours after becoming available, so you will need to wait for it to be restocked if you want one.

Finally the last set we’re looking at today is 70840: Welcome to Apocalypseburg!, which is a set from the second LEGO movie that is seen near the beginning of the film.

Even for those not interested in the movie, this set is a great centrepiece as it depicts a shanty town built around a fallen Statue of Liberty.

What you may not get from images of this set online is the sheer size of the thing, as it’s the biggest (and most expensive) set here at 3 178 pieces.

It houses a whopping 13 minifigures from the movie, many of which have their own little room and play function inside of the construction, making this a very premium playset on top of being a showpiece for the Apocalypse aesthetic fans out there.

As mentioned it’s expensive, eye-wateringly so as it’s currently selling for a whopping R5 249.99. Again looking at the UK prices and it’s going for £279.99, or R5 357.72.

While we’re here it’s worth noting that, while the UK prices are the fairest comparisons, the US prices are much lower and would create an artificial increase the in the difference between the prices. Those in the UK do complain about this problem as sometimes, for example, a $100 set will go for £100, despite the fact that this isn’t a true conversion.

All of that being said: these are the prices we’re being charged in South Africa and there’s not much you can do about it, apart from picking up these sets if you happen to fly to the US.