Last year Valve introduced the Steam Link app which allows you to stream games from your PC to your smartphone or tablet so long as it was on the same WiFi network.

Now Valve is opening the boundaries of its app with a beta test of Steam Link Anywhere.

As the name implies, Steam Link Anywhere will let you stream your games from your PC to your smartphone or tablet where ever you happen to be in the world.

What are you going to need to get this working?

You’ll need to update your Steam client to the latest beta build dated 13th March and then add another computer. Look for “Other Computer”, select it and then follow on the pairing instructions on screen.

Valve does state that your main PC will require “good upload speed” while your device running Steam Link will need a “good network connection”. That’s rather vague but given that Steam Link needs a beefy 5GHz WiFi network to function at home, we suspect you’ll need at least an LTE connection to make Steam Link work for you on the move.

It should be noted that you will need a Bluetooth controller to use with Steam Link but there are many options for you when it comes to that.

If you have all of those things however you should be gaming on the go in no time.

With so many companies exploring game streaming services Valve has something of an edge in that PC gamers are likely to already have a library of games to play from their smartphones.

Google is expected to show off a game streaming service later this month and we suspect Steam Link Anywhere is a response to that and other remote gaming solutions.

To be honest we’re just happy that we can join the legions of Switch gamers playing games at parties. What do you mean nobody actually does that?

[Source – Valve]