There are few pieces of animation as famous as 1928’s Steamboat Willie, and now it is going to be further solidified in history by way of an upcoming LEGO set.

21317: Steamboat Willie launches 1st April overseas and features the titular S.S. Willie, minfigures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and a small stand bearing as silhouette of the famous mouse ears and the date 1928.

This set is very different from almost everything LEGO has produced because of the colour scheme, which only uses black and white pieces.

With 751 pieces this set is priced rather high (even for a LEGO set) at $89.99 / £79.99 / €89.99 depending on where you live. The price per piece here is unusually high and we can’t really say why right now.

The tinfoil hat says Disney wanted a larger cut of the deal, but logic says both parties (Disney and LEGO) just priced it this way to make more money off of collectors, predicting that this will be a piece even non-LEGO fans will want to buy.

There’s no word of South African availability or pricing, but we usually get such things in line with overseas releases. If we had to guess as to the price, we’d say around R1 750, or closer to R2K if our currency drops before release. This is based on the UK price (which our pricing usually mimics) with some added on top to make up for our local taxes and import fees.

Aside from being a great approximation of what’s seen in the animation, there are some hidden features like wheels to move the boat on the ground, moving paddle wheels and steam pipes which look to bob up and down.

Those 751 pieces help build a boat that measures in at 26 X 15 X 14 centimetres.

This set is also part of the Ideas range, where fan creations can go through a process to become official sets. Steamboat Willie won the recent round of the Ideas process and the coffee shop from Friends will be joining it soon. 

We’ve embedded a few pictures of the set down below, but you can view the official US product page right here for more.