Money doesn’t grow on trees. The same certainly rings true in Final Fantasy XIV. Gil doesn’t grow on trees, but resource nodes grow all around Eorzea, and the materials you gather from them are worth a lot. To be able to gather them, you’ll need to be one of the Disciples of Land classes–or gatherer classes for those familiar to MMOs except for this one. So which one should you be?

Here’s a guide that can help you out!

Gone Fishing

There are only three Disciples of Land: Botanist, Miner, and Fisher. It’s pretty self-explanatory what materials they gather. As for the Disciples of Hand classes that they provide for, it varies. For Botanists, it’s chiefly alchemists, as well as carpenters and at times weaver. Miner materials are usually for goldsmiths, blacksmiths, and armorers. And last but definitely not least, fishing obviously provides for culinarians.

By their synergies with a particular Disciples of Hand class, it should be easy to tell which gathering class earns the most. That means being a miner is the one that pays the highest, botanist next, and fishing trails last. That, however, doesn’t mean you should give up on fishing if you’re already one.

Fishing is very different compared to the other Disciples of Land. Unlike mining and botany, where you have to look for nodes in order to gather materials, you simply have to find a body of water and start fishing. Like what’s been previously said, it’s not going to make you a lot of money, but it’s the most relaxing Disciples of Land class.

Besides, it’s not a completely non-marketable crafting class, as there are still a handful of dishes that require fish, as well as culinarians looking for them. So if you prefer being laid back while still earning a decent amount of FFXIV Gil, fishing is definitely for you.

Plants and Rocks

On the other hand, Botany is the second-most “chill” of the three. After all, gathering plants can hardly be construed as a stressful endeavor. Still, it’s a more demanding class than fishing. That’s alright because the financial rewards are much better. This is because consumable items that give players considerable buffs will always be a necessity for a wide plethora of PVE content.

Last but definitely not least would be miners. Mining is nowhere near as chill as Botany and even more so compared to fishing, but it’s definitely the one that rakes in the most money. But because it’s also the most profitable among the Disciples of Land, its tools are also the priciest. Hey, you have to spend money to make money!

Hand in Land

While the topic at hand is the Disciples of Land, it’s impossible to not bring up having a Disciple of Hand as the two will always be synergistic. We won’t be covering how to earn using these classes, but how Disciples of Land will help you save a lot of money for these classes. Selling may be the focus here, but you’re better off using what you’ve harvested if you need it so much. This way, you can save FFXIV Gil.

Plus, you’re going to need a Disciple of Hand. As you level up in your crafting class, you’re going to need better and better tools. They can be quite expensive, so you’re better off crafting them instead. After all, you’re already gathering the necessary materials for them, which costs less Gil than buying them.

Truth be told, there are better ways to earn Gil than Disciples of Land classes. Nevertheless, it’s still quite a convenient method. So go ahead, try your hand at gathering and you’ll find your hands dipped in Gil.

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