If it wasn’t apparent from the headline: potential spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home are below, continue at your own peril. 

Three new LEGO sets based on Spider-Man: Far From Home have been revealed by a Ukranian store called Playzone. While images of toys being leaked is nothing new, the fact that it’s around a big upcoming MCU movie means that it may reveal parts of the film.

As we learned from the trailer and some official synopsis posts, Spider-Man will be fighting a bunch of elemental-themed villains in the movie, two of which are the focus of sets here.

The third set is based on some kind of plane made by Tony Stark which is being attacked by some drones. This one is a bit special because both Happy Hogan and Nick Fury are present, which means that they might feature in the movie too.

You can see an image of each set below, along with their price in euros and their piece count.

76128: Molten Man’s Battle | 294 pieces | €29.99 

76129: Hydro-Man’s Attack | 471 pieces | €39.99 

76130: Stark’s Plane and Drone Attack | 504 pieces | €69.99 

One really interesting aspect here is that all three sets feature Mysterio. Aside from this hinting that he’ll be a huge part of the movie (obviously), it’s very unusual for LEGO to do this, as they spread their minifigures around so that collector’s are forced to many many expensive sets to get them all.

All of the above being said, please note that just because an official toy seems to reveal part of a movie, doesn’t mean that it’s a spoiler. Either through misdirection or the fact that toy companies receive outdated information, it’s not uncommon for a toy to be made for a part of a movie that doesn’t exist.

One of the most famous examples of this is the LEGO set 76008: Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown which shows the titular pair fighting it out with the Mandarin using some kind of buggy that has a flamethrower. If you’ve watched Iron Man 3 you’ll know that this never happened, so take “toy spoilers” with a grain of salt.

[Source- Brickset]