Earlier this month it was revealed that the next Nintendo Labo kit would be focused on VR, but we only had a handful of images to look at to try and guess what software would be accompanying the cardboard.

Now, thanks to a trailer which you can watch below, we know that the offering here is immense with more than 60 games.

First is the Toy-Con blaster with an attached game that looks to be an on-rails shooter with bullet time. That’s just for one person, and there is another game for two players to share the blaster (taking turns) to feed hippos.

The wind pedal is linked to a jumping game where the player, on a frog, needs to hop over obstacles.

The bird peripheral has a flapping mechanism to roam an island collecting food for hatchlings, and there’s also a racing game that uses the wind pedal in conjunction.

The elephant build lets you create sculptures in 3D that remind us a lot of the projects you can make using a 3D printing pen like the 3Doodler. There’s also a separate mode for solving physics-based puzzles.

The camera does exactly what you’d expect with the focus being on capturing underwater animals, both real and fictional.

Then the Toy-Con Garage returns in a VR variant with many new tools to create your own games given the extra dimension.

If you’re reading this and figuring out that we’re still a long way from having the purported amount of games, that’s because 64 minigames are included here. With the regular Nintendo Labo games already widely criticised for being short with a tiny scope, we can only imagine that these minigames are superbly condensed, maybe even to the point of what you’d see in a Mario Party or WarioWare game.

The Toy-Con 04: VR Kit launches 12th April and comes in a variety of different options. The complete kit with everything shown here costs $79.99. The smaller kits with less in them hurt the wallet a bit less, and you can view them on the official subsite.