Like Titanfall 2 before it Apex Legends has captured the imagination of the maker community who has set about recreating the various weapons from the game with this 3D print of the Peacekeeper undoubtedly being the biggest example so far.

Jake Kleiner is the man behind this project, telling us that he modelled the shotgun in Fusion 360 in 12 – 15 hours.

He did this by taking a screenshot from the game and importing it into the programme. There it was used as a canvas and the outline of the gun could be traced and then mirrored to make the basic shape.

Printing took a whopping 209 hours at 0.15 millimetre Layer Height with 20% infill, but this was partly due to a mistake that resulted in the piece being larger than intended.

“I was aiming to make it of realistic size so I found the length of a real shotgun and scaled my model in Fusion 360 to what I thought would be comparable,” Kleiner says, “I unfortunately forgot that scaling it would also increase the width… and I don’t have the greatest eye to judge that when its all in a virtual space.”

The result is that, after assembling the 21 different pieces, the shotgun is three and a half feet (106 centimetres) long. While a prop gun more than a metre long may not be entirely accurate, we have been told that it looks great mounted on a wall.

The raw plastic was sanded down and Bondo was used to fill the gaps between individual pieces. Two coats of automotive filler primer followed this before a bit more sanding on problem areas.

After a few more coats of primer the print could finally be painted. You can see how it looks before and after this process in the gallery below.

Those looking to make their own Peacekeeper can find the files available for free over on MyMiniFactory.

Aside from all the filament you will be needing, this version also uses a few magnets so that the trigger and receiver can move slightly.

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