Every fingerprint is unique and that’s what makes biometric authentication such a great security tool.

Of course there are ways to fake or spoof a fingerprint but these are often very hit or miss and as technology has evolved, fingerprint scanners have become increasingly tougher to fool.

These days you can find a fingerprint scanner at Home Affairs, the bank and even on your smartphone. Unfortunately not all technology has the functionality built into it.

While many premium notebooks house biometric scanners there are many more affordable notebooks which don’t and desktops with biometric scanners are something of a rarity. That’s not even considering the slew of older notebooks that many companies might still be using.

The PQI MyLockey allows you to add biometric authentication to any notebook or desktop with a USB port.

The MyLockey is a tiny USB dongle no bigger than a R5 coin that you could very well leave it plugged into your notebook or desktop at all times. The device supports Windows 10 Hello biometric authentication to give you access to your PC with a touch.

The benefit of using Windows Hello is that your fingerprint data is stored on your PC rather than the MyLockey. That means that if you lose the MyLockey or it breaks you can simply replace it and carry on using biometric authentication as you were.

Another great benefit of being able to unlock your computer with your digit is security. Rather than needing to remember a complicated password you can now simply touch your finger to the MyLockey.

So long as your finger is clear of dirt and in the correct position, the capacitive touch technology reads your fingerprint in 0.15 seconds. You can set up each finger in PQI’s software for maximum convenience.

Speaking of software, PQI KEY Secure File allows you to encrypt and decrypt files with a touch. Simply right-click on a folder, select PQI KEY File Encryption to encrypt your data or select Decryption when you need to use or edit it again.

The PQI MyLockey makes security simple in an age where it seems like it is becoming increasingly complex.

The PQI MyLockey is available in-store at Bidvest Waltons throughout South Africa.

[Image – Hebi B. from Pixabay]
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