Tomorrow, 26th March, Huawei will unveil its latest flagship phone series to the world during an event in Paris.

It’s the second occasion in a row that the Chinese company has used the French city to debut their first flagship phone of year, with the Huawei P30 series anticipated.

So what can you expect from the event?

Well Huawei has tried to remain as tight-lipped as possible despite some significant leaks. That said we already know quite a bit based on online reports, as well as the company’s Mobile Twitter page revealing a few tidbits.

The first thing to note is how many phones Huawei plans to debut. To that end two flagship phones are expected, along with a more cost-effective Lite version. It follows the company’s usual modus operandi, and therefore we should see a P30, P30 Pro and P30 Lite debut if last year is anything to go by.

Whether all three will be made available in SA remains to be seen.

As for other devices, the firm is said to have wearables in the works to accompany the Huawei P30 devices. To that end Huawei’s Twitter page has teased a new smartwatch, as well as some earphones. It’s unclear if the latter will be wireless, but given Huawei’s recent penchant for removing headphone jacks, it’s quite likely.

Like all the phones, it remains to be seen if the other devices will be headed to SA too.

That’s all that we’ve heard doing the rounds online at the moment, but the wait to see what Huawei has in store isn’t that long, with their press conference scheduled to start at 15:00 local time.

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