There is a new prank doing the rounds and if you happen to fall for it you’ll find yourself locked out of your Twitter account.

The prank encourages Twitter users to change their birthday year to 2007. Doing this will unlock new colour schemes for the social network, the pranksters claim.

Is this a bug? Can you really unlock hidden features by changing your birthday?

The answer is obviously, no.

Those who have done some maths will note that changing your birthday year to 2007 would make you 12 which presents something of a problem. The problem is that Twitter’s terms of service specify that you must be at 13 years old to use the service so changing your birthday to 2007 would not only make you younger (digitally speaking) but get your account locked as well.

The prank has proven quite popular and Twitter had to warn users not to change their birthday year to 2007.

Now, you could wait two years to become eligible to use Twitter again but the social network states that users can follow instructions in the mail they were sent when changing their birthday year, to regain access to their account.

According to The Verge, regaining access to your account involves sending Twitter a copy of your government issued identity document.

If you’d like to avoid that, simply don’t change your Twitter birthday to 2007.

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