A month ago there were no fully foldable smartphones on the market, now there are two – the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

While both devices are set to land locally in coming months, little is known about either, especially when it comes to how much stress they can handle.

Foldable displays are still very much a new technology and as such there is a bit of scepticism around them. Add to this the fact that these foldable phones will be extremely expensive, and consumers want to know just how long those display will last.

Putting some of those concerns to rest somewhat is Samsung, with the South Korean manufacturer releasing a stress testing video for the device.

More specifically the video showcases six Galaxy Fold devices in total, all of which are hooked up to machines with the simple task opening and closing the phones. As such it looks a lot like those oddly satisfying videos you can sometimes find yourself getting lost in on YouTube, but sadly this video lasts only 34 seconds.

Nevertheless it gives is the best view yet of the opening and closing mechanism of the Galaxy Fold in action, with Samsung being quite mysterious over that aspect of the phone until now. There are also doesn’t seem to any noticeable creases at the point where the phones fold, although we Samsung would release a video showing that.

As for how many times the Galaxy Fold can open and close before showing signs of real stress is unclear for now, but hopefully closer to its local release, Samsung Mobile SA will reveal more information.

With the Galaxy Fold set to be one of the most expensive devices to ever land in South Africa, it should be interesting to see how consumers react to it, with the same going for the Huawei Mate X.

Until each device arrives in SA, enjoy the video below.