Twitter is finally getting a proper dark mode. Or rather the iOS version of the social media app is.

According to Engadget this welcome addition is called Lights Out, with Twitter noting to the tech website that it will be rolling out to iOS devices in the coming days.

We’re calling this new mode proper as Twitter has had a Night Mode for mobile since 2016, but all that did was switch the user interface for the app to blue and grey. Lights Out, however, will be a fully fledged black interface.

For those of you unfamiliar with dark modes, they’re designed to be far less straining on the eyes when using a screen-based app or service. This is especially obvious when staring at a glaring white screen late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.

Twitter will allow iOS users to set up Lights Out to make the switch automatically in the settings of the app, so you’ll be able to toggle it on or off depending on whether it truly benefits your eyes. The social media company also notes that Lights Out could save users more battery life as the theme does not emit as much light as the regular mode.

The aforementioned blue and grey theme will also still be available should you prefer it, with Twitter calling it Dim.

Should you not be using an iOS device, and are left wondering when you’ll get access to Lights Out, the social media company told Engadget that the new mode will be porting to Android and desktop devices soon, although they did not offer up a precise rollout window.

In the interim, enjoy Lights Out if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad.

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