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Samsung could debut two more foldable phones this year

After months of speculation we now know what Samsung’s foldable smartphone looks like, as the South Korean manufacturer debuted the Galaxy Fold two weeks ago.

The device is currently slated for release locally in a couple of months, although there is no indication of how much it will cost.

Nevertheless that does not seem to have stopped Samsung’s foldable phone plans, with Bloomberg reporting that the firm is planning to reveal a further two devices with flexible displays this year.

At this stage Samsung has not confirmed the report, but seeing as how they (along with Huawei) are fairly far along their product roadmap compared to the rest of the industry, it could certainly be a possibility.

As for the form factors that the two new foldable phones will take, Bloomberg notes that one will feature a design that’s similar to the Huawei Mate X, with the flexible display wrapping around the outside. The other device is said to be clamshell-shaped, which sounds a lot like the RAZR-inspired device that Lenovo (Motorola) is rumoured to be working on.

Whether those devices will also feature the same sort of specifications as the Galaxy Fold, or introduce new elements such as 5G supporting modems or styluses remains to be seen.

Either way it looks like Samsung is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to the rollout of foldable phones.

That said it should be interesting to see how general consumers react to the Galaxy Fold when it arrives locally, not only in terms of the design and form factor, but the price too.

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