Last week developers Gearbox Software unveiled the first trailer for Borderlands 3, with it getting a solid thumbs up consensus from fans of the franchise.

At the time no information as to the release date for Borderlands 3 was known, but a since deleted tweet may have spilled the beans. More specially the tweet in question, saved below by Twitter user Wario64, features the phrase, “Mayhem is Coming September 13th.”

The announcement comes a couple of days before Gearbox had originally intended to, with 3rd April set for more information to be revealed. Whether the developer plans to re-release the info it mistakenly leaked tomorrow, remains to be seen. Seeing as how the cat is out of the bag, it might as well.

Along with the aforementioned tweet, a video was also released on Twitter, which too was deleted that showed Borderlands 3 coming to the Epic Store. The store’s logo features on said video, but there’s no mentioned if it will be exclusive to the Epic platform for pre-order ahead of other game purchasing avenues.

That said, Engadget notes that Gearbox co-founder and CEO, Randy Pitchford, mentioned in a few tweets following the deleted information, that Borderlands 3 could potentially be an Epic Store pre-order exclusive for six months.

With Epic trying to take on the likes of Steam, having a hotly anticipated title like Borderlands 3 on its platform for a few months ahead of everyone else could garner it more regular users.

As for said pre-order date, no information was leaked, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow for Gearbox to divulge more details.

If you haven’t seen the reveal trailer for Borderlands 3, hit play on the video below.

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