If you’ve been following Ford, or the world of electric vehicles (EVs), you’ll know the American carmaker has a Mustang-inspired SUV in the works currently codenamed Mach 1. The vehicle is expected to be revealed in 2020 Stateside, but Ford has tried to keep things under wraps until then.

That said, the company did reveal a few details about the Mach 1, which they first teased at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show, as some of the driving numbers have been bandied about.

It’s not 0-100km/h times, but rather driving range, which is far more important when it comes to EVs. For the Mach, Ford is touting a driving range of 300 miles. This equates to roughly 482 kilometres if you prefer using the metric system (as all people should).

Said range is from a single charge, although Ford did not mention what kind of driving style that was under. Seeing as they’d want as high a number as possible, we’re assuming the 482 kilometres is under a very conservative driving style.

Still the 482 kilometres is still more than most of the all-electric vehicles that Ford has released in the past. The company also says that the driving could increase to 370 miles (595 kilometres) based on the European Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

Whether owners will ever be reaching those kinds of ranges from a single charge remains to be seen, especially if the Mach 1 is inspired by a high-powered car like the Mustang.

With the Jaguar I-Pace currently dominating the market when it comes to all-electric SUVs, despite being very expensive, hopefully Ford’s upcoming offering will give them a bit of competition.

That said there’s no mention yet of where Ford plans to launch the Mach 1 outside of the US.