We all become marginally closer to being hoarders when it comes to Skyrim, but if you want to fill an actual house with trinkets and baubles from the game it’s even easier now with this 3D printed troll skull.

This project comes to us from Constance Taylor who we featured here last year for a very impressive scale model of a frost dragon, also from Skyrim.

Taylor tells us that the skull was modelled in ZBrush and then modified in Netfabb to make it printable. The modelling process took around 30 hours to complete given the complexity and detail of the design.

Printing took even longer at between 60 and 70 hours in ABS filament at 10& infill and a layer height of 0.2 millimetres.

This huge amount of time is owing to the sheer size of the print which is 31 X 30 X 20 centimetres. We’re not entirely sure what the correct canonical size of a troll skull is, but we have to imagine that this print is pretty close to 1:1 scale.

After assembling the pieces of the print with superglue, the seams and blemishes were were smoothed out with a multi-purpose acrylic filler before being sanded and the painting process could begin.

“A sealing coat of white acrylic went over that, and then the colours were done with Chromacryl acrylic paints and various brushes,” Taylor says, “For topcoats I applied Golden matte gel and Golden gloss gel.”

Those looking to make their own version of this project can find the files available for free over on MyMiniFactory.

While you will need to make your own troll skull Taylor does offer various prints on a Gumroad store. If you want a custom 3D printed miniature as your pet, that’s the place to go.

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