This weekend is World Health Day. 7th April to be more precise, and with that in mind Uber and Discovery have announced a partnership which will be of particular significance to local drivers.

To that end the pair are launching a new Driver Care offering that’s designed for access to quality and affordable private healthcare cover for driver-partners and their families, on a voluntary basis, according to the pair.

“We are working hard every day to find innovative solutions to make a difference in the lives of driver-partners. Partnerships such as these will ensure that they have access to affordable private healthcare services, as their health is a priority while they continue to grow their businesses,” said Uber’s business development manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Ro’i Ehrlich.

Along with the healthcare plan, Uber drivers will also have access to a literacy programme which the firm says will be led by skilled consultants to provide education on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle while on the road.

These sessions will be held at the various Uber Greenlight Hubs situated in all cities that the ride-sharing service operates in across South Africa, Uber added.

In terms of the specifics for Driver Care, Uber is careful to point out that Driver Care is not a medical aid scheme, and should not be viewed as a substitute for medical aid.

“(Driver Care) offers drivers and their families’ primary healthcare cover to ensure they have the peace of mind that their basic healthcare needs are covered,” explains the ride sharing service.

As for what Driver Care covers, Uber has listed the following:

  • Unlimited GP visits in the Primary Care GP network of more than 1 900 GPs across South Africa.
  • Minor procedures when performed by a Primary Care GP in their rooms.
  • Day-to-day medicine that a Primary Care GP or Clicks pharmacy dispenses.
  • Emergency private healthcare services for a broad range of traumatic events. Individuals are covered in full for medical treatment at a hospital or casualty facility related to these events, up to a limit of R100 000 per admission.
  • Holistic set of wellness screenings
  • Vitality Move, a Vitality wellness programme that rewards members for taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Members can win shopping rewards at Pick n Pay, or upgrade for R39 per month and get up to R300 back on gym, shopping and movies each month.
  • Funeral cover for R5 000 qualifying drivers who are younger than 70 years, as well as up to three spouses and five children who are under 21 years.
  • Access to an eye test in the Primary Care Optometry network for R50, and one pair of glasses as a discounted rate of R755, every 24 months.
[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]