The time has come for the bi-annual major Windows 10 update and the so called May 2019 update promises to give users better control over when updates are downloaded and installed.

Usually, Windows 10 users don’t have much of a choice when it comes to¬† installing major feature updates. While you can delay the installation, eventually you will forced to download and install the update.

When the May 2019 update hits however, users will be able to stick with their current version of Windows 10 and instead receive monthly security updates in the future.

Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro users will also find a new feature in the update that allows them to pause monthly security and feature updates for up to 35 days.

The operating system will also sport additional functionality to detect when you are using your computer so that updates don’t disrupt what you are currently working on. This feature alone has us itching for the May 2019 update.

For the folks that hate dark mode for some reason there is good news in that regard as well. Microsoft will reportedly be introducing a better light theme for the OS. This will lighten up the task bar, Explorer windows and includes a lighter wallpaper.

So the question that answers itself is when can we download the May 2019 update? Right now the update is expected to be made widely available in, well, May.

Those taking part in the Windows Insider programme will be able to download the update next week which puts a fair amount of space between the Insider release and the worldwide rollout. Given the troubles Microsoft faced with its 2018 updates this gap is a very good thing.

Hopefully this latest update doesn’t face the issues updates had last year, we’re incredibly thankful for the feature that won’t boot us from a story before we’ve had a chance to save it.

[Via – The Verge] [Image – CC 0 2023583 from Pixabay]