After a surprise launch into Early Access at the end of last month, Risk of Rain 2 developer Hopoo Games has released a “development thoughts” post on Steam to let the community know what’s going on with the title.

Those hoping to see where the game is heading will be happy to know that a content roadmap is being worked on and will be released soon.

In terms of gameplay the post addresses problems big and small with the former focusing on the Worm boss not being the most fun to fight, a lack of spawns when far into the game and toning down some aspects which artificially increase the difficulty.

For quality of life non-English players will be happy to know that localised text is being worked on top of many smaller bug and balance fixes.

Read the full development thoughts posts over on Steam. You can also see the patch notes which were released a few days ago which addressed some bugs after the first week.

Risk of Rain 2 has been a real surprise all around so far after this roguelike made the jump from 2D to 3D and was released as a Gearbox-published title. With so many people playing the game and the developers proving these updates, we’re optimistic about the future of the game as its plays out its planned 12 months in Early Access.