Copyright strikes are a common occurence online though at times it can feel like copyright owners are selective in who they strike.

In recent weeks Warner Bros. has been ramping up its copyright claims on YouTube. Musician Jared Dines recently published a video drawing attention to Warner Bros’ resistance to acknowledge fair use laws and trigger happy attitude to issuing claims on content.

But yesterday Warner Bros didn’t target a smaller YouTuber criticising its movies (which is protected under fair use laws) but rather the president of the US, Donald Trump.

The president uploaded a video to Twitter yesterday that was meant to create hype about Trump’s upcoming re-election campaign.

The trouble however, is that according to The Verge, the president’s hype video contained the Hans Zimmer track “Why Do We Fall” from the The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack.

Warner Bros appears to have reported the improper use of its music to Twitter and as such the video is no longer available. Bizarrely, the tweet is still up at time of writing albeit with the video removed.

See the screenshot below for prosperity.

It seems that even the president of the United States is not immune to copyright strikes. Will this lead to less restrictive copyright laws in the US? That’s rather unlikely.

Although that having been said, Trump declaring copyright causes cancer and it needs to be outlawed is something we can totally see him saying.

This is also as good a time to remind you about this wonderful comparison between Trump’s inauguration speech and Bane’s speech during The Dark Knight Rises.