As part of the Nintendo Online service, subscribers are supposed to get three NES games added to their systems, and that is actually the case for April 2019.

If you’re wondering why a company keeping its word is newsworthy, well it’s because Nintendo has not been doing this for the past three months.

In January, February and March every country outside of Japan had only been receiving two games. This is because the promised third game was a Japanese exclusive that had never received an English port.

Again we have to ask why Nintendo, bolstered by money from Nintendo Online subscriptions, could not make these ports decades after these exclusives were released.

Putting all of that aside the three games subscribers outside of Japan get access to this month are Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Punch Out!! featuring Mr. Dream, and Star Soldier.

While this was announced in a trailer some time ago, the three games are available to play right now if you have an active subscription to the service.

Going by the titles we count on our service with the region set to South Africa, the total number of NES titles available are now up to 49, but note that this number does include duplicate special versions of certain titles. That number shrinks to 38 if those are not included.

Despite Nintendo Online being cheaper than the offerings from PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live, the service still feels overpriced for what we’re getting every month with just NES games which many people already own many times over. Even now in April when we’re getting the promised three titles, it’s all still so underwhelming.