South African Fortnite fans will now be able to spend their money on plastic incarnations of their favourite skins and weapons as a range of toys launches in the country.

The Battle Royale Collection is a line of two-inch / five centimetre slightly chibi figures which have a few points of articulation and can hold various weapons, accessories and backpacks.

At an event in Johannesburg recently we got to play around with these figures and we were instantly reminded of Mega Bloks / Mega Construx in terms of quality.

Moose Toys is the company behind the product with Prima Toys distributing them locally.

The sculpting and paint application here is pretty good and the ability to share weapons is possible if a bit fiddly. Most figures have a rectangular slot in their hands which fit into various grips on the weapons. It can be difficult to switch these around as it’s a bit less reliable when compared to the peg system that other toys use.

Right now the Battle Royale Collection is being offered in three different kinds of packs: Solo, Duo and Squad which contain one, two and four figures respectively, together with stands for each figure and a variety of accessories.

The prices for each of these in South Africa is as follows:

  • Solo Pack: R129.99
  • Duo Pack: R249.99
  • Squad Pack: R499.99

Below are examples of each of the packs but the exact figures you will find in your preferred store will vary:

We’ve been told that, over the course of 2019, 100 different figures will become available on top of a special diecast version which is limited to 1 000 worldwide.

At the previously mentioned event we also got to look at some larger figures which were twice the height with more articulation. We’ll have pricing and availability on those at a later stage. We preferred these to the smaller figures of the Battle Royale Collection, but they will obviously be more expensive given their size and greater intricacy.

Until they start selling vouchers for V-Bucks in stores these will make perfect presents for those interested in the game. These smaller figures are also aimed towards a younger audience, which the game is known for. If you’re a bit older or want to buy something for an older crowd, we suggest waiting for those larger figures as they’re a better buy for that group in our opinion.

You can see more images of those over on our Twitter.

In the middle of June, 12 centimetre figures will also be made available, but we’ve not had a chance to look at these as of yet.