Whilepeople who own a Windows notebook or PC will turn to Skype for their messaging and video calling needs, the Microsoft-owned application is used far less often on mobile.

As such Microsoft is trying to bake in more features that bring the desktop and mobile experience closer together, hence its recent announcement that beta testers of the app are currently testing a screen sharing function on both iOS and Android.

You’ll need to be a Skype Insider member in order to have access to the feature for now, but it is expected to rollout to the wider Skype mobile community in the coming months.

As for what the screen sharing feature can be used for, beta testers will be able to share information on their phone from other apps such as PowerPoint or Notes. As such it could prove to be a handy way to share a presentation, or multitask while talking to someone.

Skype is likely envisioning this feature to be more useful for its business consumers, who may not want to make the switch to Skype for Business, especially as rival apps like Cisco WebEx, Zoom and GoTo Meeting sport a similar functionality, but aren’t as user-friendly or ubiquitous as Skype is.

As mentioned, the wider rollout of screen sharing is unknown, but at The Verge points out, Skype’s 50 member chat function was beta tested a month ago, and is expected to debut globally in the next couple of weeks.

Therefore the wait shouldn’t be that long.