By now, SpaceX landing its rocket boosters is old news but yesterday’s launch and subsequent landing of the Falcon Heavy booster rockets was rather special.

Aside from landing two boosters at Cape Canaveral, SpaceX also landed the central core of the Falcon Heavy on one of its drone ships, the excellently named “Of Course I Still Love You”, out in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Falcon Heavy’s central core booster sticks the landing on droneship Of Course I Still Love You.

The rockets that were tested are upgraded rockets used by SpaceX known as Block 5. These rockets are designed with a view to improve landing and by extension insure a fast turnaround time for rocket launches.

This is the first time that SpaceX has landed all three of Falcon Heavy’s rocket boosters. Back in February the central core booster missed its target and hit the ocean at 300mph, according to a report by The Verge.

SpaceX has become rather good at landing its rockets with only one failed booster landing since last year’s first Falcon Heavy launch.

You can watch the full livestream of the SpaceX mission which launched Arabsat-6A into orbit. The landing of the boosters starts just after the 24 minute mark if that is all you want to see.