What happens when you mix rugby, netball and ultimate frisbee? Speedgate by the looks of it.

This new game is not something that a university student dreamed up one night, but rather comes from a team at design agency AKQA.

The team simply asked an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to create a sport, and Speedgate is what it decided to come up with, amalgamating a bunch of elements from a number of different sports into one Frankenstein-esque creation.

Whether it’s any fun to play however, remains to be seen.

So how do you play it? Well the video after the break gives a pretty succinct rundown of things.

Speedgate essentially boils down to this though. There are two teams each with six players, and three gates placed equidistantly apart on a field. In order to score points you need to kick or pass the ball (a rugby ball in this case) through the centre gate in order to earn the right to try and score through your opponent’s gate.

Simple right?

This entire project came about as a presentation by AKQA for Design Week, with data from over 400 different sports being fed into a neural network, but the designers at the firm had to whittle down some of the other options churned out by the AI as they were too “out there”.

If you’re thinking that Speedgate is just a one time thing, AKQA is actually in talks with the Oregon Sports Authority to discuss creating a league for the newly developed sport.

Whether it takes off is unclear, but hey, rugby and golf had to start somewhere.

When we watch movies about the future, they’re always playing some crazy sport in a gladiatorial arena, perhaps Speedgate will be that sport?