As much as solid state drives offer greater performance for gaming and general tasks, getting an SSD with ample storage can prove rather costly.

For that reason, many folks still opt for the unmatched affordability of a hard drive and Seagate’s Guardian series offers up a hard drive to suit your needs

There are three different brands that make up the Guardian series. The first of these is the BarraCuda range which is primed for use in gaming, desktop computing and creative work.

For network-attached storage (NAS) solutions as well as those looking to create a RAID array for storage, there is the IronWolf range. The IronWolf range is perfect for private cloud solutions such as those used by enterprises and some SMEs.

Finally for surveillance storage, Seagate has its SkyHawk range which is perfect for recording long stretches of continuous video.

Oooo, BarraCuda

Seagate has designed its BarraCuda range to offer gamers what they really want – high capacity and generous speed.

BarraCuda HDDs can spin at up to 7200RPM making them great for those that might have filled up their SSD but still need performance for certain applications. The drive’s capacity also stretches up to 10TB.

For users who need just a bit more performance but can’t afford a massive SSD, the FireCuda range of hybrid solid-state hard drives is five times faster than standard HDDs and you still get ample storage capacity.

Stand with the IronWolf

Because NAS drives need to be dependable, Seagate has invested heavily in making sure its IronWolf series for NAS devices is dependable.

The IronWolf series comes equipped with rotational vibration sensors. Together with dual-plane balancing, the IronWolf drives experience less drive vibration while operating resulting in more consistent performance.

For additional peace of mind, the IronWolf Pro series is optimised for high user workloads of 300TB a year. This coupled with a five year limited warranty will insure you spend less time worrying about disaster recovery should a drive fail. IronWolf Pro drives also have an optional Rescue Data Recovery Service plan.

The eyes of the SkyHawk

Just ten years ago Seagate introduced drives specifically for use in surveillance and the firm has continued to innovate and improve the product since then.

The SkyHawk series features ImagePerfect firmware which allows for smooth video streaming at high resolutions. Beyond that, the drives can record up to 64 cameras at a time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The firmware also improves the drive reliability by as much as 30 percent which is vital in the realm of surveillance footage capture.

All SkyHawk drives carry a workload rating of 180TB per year which is three times what a desktop-class HDD offers you. The drive is also covered by a 1 million hour MTBF, 3 year limited warranty as well as offering users an option Rescue Recovery Service plan.

Whatever your needs, Seagate has a hard drive for you. To get your hands on the BarraCuda, IronWolf and SkyHawk or find out more get in touch with Rectron.

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