If you’re going into the long Easter Weekend with nothing to play, BT Games has bumped up the amount of store credit you’ll be given when trading in games.

Between 18th and 23rd April, the more games you hand over the higher the value of them will be. An extra percentage will be tacked onto whatever value the store assigns the titles you bring in.

The promotion works on three levels:

  • 2 games add 10% extra.
  • 3 games add 15% extra.
  • 4 or more games add 20% extra.

While brick and mortar isn’t our preferred way to buy software, and we do have our problems with BT Games, this is nice to see, especially for those planning to trade in anyways.

This is also happening on top of some other specials offered by the company. You can see them in this newsletter strip but just shop around before making any purchases.

We say that because, as an example, the Xbox One X for R7 600 isn’t all that special, as, Loot and Takealot are selling the console for exactly the same price. BT Games’ advantage here, of course, is that you could have that new console by just driving to a store without the need to wait.

If you are looking for something to play see our games news or reviews section.