Next month is Google I/O 2019. 7th to 9th May to be more precise, with the developer focused event showcasing some of the things that Google is working on for the software side of things, and Android in particular.

There is also the possibility of hardware with Google revealing VR headsets and other devices in the past. For the 2019 iteration it appears as if something related to the brand’s Pixel offerings is in the works.

This as The Verge spotted a new banner on the US Google Store (sorry, no SA equivalent) with the words, “On May 7, meet a new hero.”

Precisely what guise this “hero” will take remains to be seen, but already Android Police is reporting that a new addition to the Pixel 3 lineup is in the offing. This new device is rumoured to be the Pixel 3a, and will feature the same camera setup as its Pixel 3 brethren, but make some notable downgrades on other aspects of the device.

What those will be remains to be seen, but seeing as this will likely be the lowest spec version of the Pixel 3 range, we’re assuming that a smaller screen, less powerful chipset and decrease in RAM and memory are all possible.

While the prospect of a new piece of Google made hardware is enticing, the fact that their devices are not officially available to purchase locally blunts our enthusiasm somewhat.

That said Google I/O 2019 should be worthwhile as much is expected from their upcoming Android Q operating system, especially the name they’re going to go for.