Back in February of this year it was announced, in a video on Twitter, that Nintendo of America COO and front man Reggie Fils-Aimé would soon retire. Today that has come to pass, but you can still keep up with his antics as he has just created a Twitter account of his own.

His simple handle – @Reggie – was shown off just 14 hours ago at the time of writing with a figurine of himself holding a business card with his name and new handle.

It’s worth noting that the @Reggie handle seems to have existed for years now. According to the Wayback Machine it first tweeted out on 13th April 2007, though we’re not sure who owned the account at that time.

Aside from the one above, there are a few more tweets on the account, all of which centre around Fils-Aimé clearing out his Nintendo office on his last day.

In the header image above you see him wearing a plush Mii head that he, unfortunately, didn’t take home and will apparently go into the archives.

Also staying at Nintendo is a Master Sword replica, complete with stone base. Hopefully he does take home that amiibo collection in the background, they can be worth a lot of money which should help this new retiree.

Finally, our favourite image shared must be that of the E3 2004 badge where the world was introduced to Fils-Aimé with his famous line “my name is Reggie, I’m about kicking ass, I’m about taking names, and we’re about making games“.

If you’re unsure about just why that introduction was so important 15 years ago, or how much of an impact this man has had on the community, we highly suggest giving this DidYouKnowGaming? video a watch. It’s basically a short documentary about his professional life and how he became a lovable meme over the years.

Oh, uh, are we allowed to write a story about this event without mentioning that his successor is handily named Doug Bowser? Do we have to include the tired joke of “our bodies aren’t ready for him to leave”? We do, tied by internet law you say?