As the Easter is on our doorstep, we know that most South Africans love to travel to other provinces to see their loved ones or even taking a sho’t left. But one issue plagues this time of year, and that is the high fatalities that happen on the roads.

According to Wheels 24, the Minister of Transport, Blade Nzimande, revealed that 510 people were killed during the 2018 Easter long weekend which represented a 14 percent increase from that of 2017’s figure of 449.

Now that you are aware of the stats over last year’s Easter weekend, we think keeping track of traffic with a few helpful Twitter accounts to keep drivers in the loop about road closures or accidents along the way.

EWN Traffic

This Twitter account will keep you updated on the latest traffic news happening on the road, and you can also tweet at them if you see any traffic in your area. As such it’s a great reporting tool.

iTraffic GP

iTraffic GP keeps you updated on any traffic around the Gauteng province, specifically dealing with major routes and traffic prone areas like the N1, N4, Golden Highway, R21, N12, Diepkloof and Gillooly’s. If you live on the Highveld, it’s a must.

Rob Beezy

Traffic SA offers nationwide traffic updates, with the focus on both major and minor routes. There is quite a bit of information on the timeline, and updates are released constantly, so be prepared to scroll to find the relevant info.

Pig Spotter

Another popular Twitter account, although the traffic police are less keen on it. Pig Spotter provides timely updates as to where the cops are speed trapping or setting up roadblocks. We’ve added here not to help you evade the law, but rather be aware of what’s happening on the roads.

N3 Toll Concession

If you are travelling using the N3, which is the route that most will use when travelling to Johannesburg and Durban or vice versa, this account will let you know how many vehicles have passed, and what the weather conditions on this major road. If you’re going to the East Coast for the Easter weekend, a definite one to follow.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]