While most people were avoiding work and, by extension, their emails, over the long Easter weekend, Google snuck in a change to the Gmail client which has been requested by its users for some time now.

From right now you can schedule emails to go out at specific times on specific dates. You no longer have to physically be at your PC or mobile device to send that important email, nor do you have to juggle browser extensions or alternate clients.

Open up Gmail and you will see that the familiar blue send button has been changed. Next to its label there is now an arrow signifying more options (1). Click on it to find the scheduling option (2) and click once again to find three suggestions (3) for the near future.

If none of the suggestions are to your liking, click on “Select time and date” to bring up a small calendar with more options (4).

At the time of writing this new option seems to only be available on desktop with the mobile app not yet offering this feature.

Google products have a history of small and large changes alike coming out of nowhere. Just recently YouTube was updated with finer control over playback speed.

Thankfully most of these changes are incremental and, when they’re not, they can be reversed, again with YouTube as an example as the most recent redesign can still be undone.