Serial deconstructor of technology, iFixit has published a teardown of a device we’ve been desperately waiting to see the internals of – the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

While the South Korean firm’s folding smartphone generated enough hype to melt my cold, cynical heart, Samsung made the decision this week to delay the official release of the handset following reports of breakages last week.

That’s not before a few reviewers got their hands on the device and it seems like iFixit was among those lucky few.

The teardown can be found here and honestly, we’re incredibly apprehensive about this device at the moment.

Everything looks like a usual teardown except for the presence of two batteries and the motherboard being split into two.

Once iFixit gets to the folding display, problems start to become noticeable.

For starters the bezel surrounding the display is frighteningly thin and “barely cover two millimeters (sic) of display”. The concern here is that over time the bezel might detach from the display which is not exactly a good thing.

The hinge however is where it all goes wrong.

“One thing we didn’t find was any hinge ingress protection—those large gaps around the spine let dirt right in, possibly getting trapped between hinge and display,” iFixit reports.

Over and above that it’s said that over time, the hinge and display are likely to fail. This will of course require a replacement which, given the way the Fold was put together, will be time-consuming and costly.

Of course Samsung is taking some time to address concerns raised by reviewers and “fix” the handset before unleashing it on the public. When exactly that will be remains to be seen but AT&T reportedly told customers to expect the handset again in June.

Overall the Galaxy Fold gets a repairability score of 2 out of 10, with 10 representing the easiest repair job.

We urge you to head to iFixit’s website to see the teardown step-by-step if only to gawk at the incredible engineering that made this phone possible.