Have you found yourself named official tech support for your family? Don’t fret, you join millions of other techies who begrudgingly help their family connect to Facebook every day with nothing but your family’s admiration for payment.

We suppose that is enough when you think about it.

One of the requests our families often makes is for the ability to move through the house without needing to manually connect to a different WiFi hotspot when they move out of range of the hotspot they’re currently connected to.

There is, of course a solution for this and there has been for a while in the form of a mesh network but these solutions can be costly.

What is a mesh network?

A normal mesh network is commonplace in large office buildings were folks may be connecting to several different access points throughout the day. This creates something of a logistical problem as you would need to manually connect to a new access point when you reach the end of another’s range.

Mesh networks combine the various nodes and infrastructure used by a firm to create a unified network that allows folks to move seamlessly between access points without losing connectivity.

As we mentioned mesh networks can be costly and more than that, complicated to set up. ASUS has taken the idea of a mesh network and not only made it more affordable but simple to set up as well.

ASUS’ AiMesh system is intelligent in that it will monitor connections to the network and optimise the device’s connection, moving the device to another access point if need be.

The result of the AiMesh system is a network that allows you to stay connected more of the time without having to fuss with switching connections every time you move. This makes an ASUS AiMesh system perfect for medium to large homes.

The ASUS AiMesh system can easily be set up, monitored and controlled through the ASUS Router app even if you aren’t on the network with the issues. Simply log into the router via the app and you can run diagnostics, manage WiFi passwords, SSIDs and more with a few taps.

Of course the best part of an AiMesh system is the ability to easily add more routers to your network with the tap of a button.

These routers do have to support AiMesh but if they do you can use them to create a WiFi network that reaches every room of your house. The added benefit of this is seamless handover.

There’s also the added benefit of tri-band routers reserving one of the two 5GHz bands for inter-router communication, meaning you can ditch the cables and connect each router to the network wirelessly.

Remote support, seamless handover with a Mesh network and speeds of up to 5 300Mbps make Asus the obvious router choice for both techies and those that don’t know their WAN port from their LAN port.

There is an ASUS router that supports AiMesh for whatever application you need. For home users that want a sleek, understated solution the Lyra Trio is a wonderful solution that’s also aesthetically pleasing.

For gamers, the RT-AC67U 2 pack is robust and packed with features such as QoS and VPN support. For those that cannot settle for anything but the best the RT-AX92U 2 pack offers the latest 802.11ax support and dedicated channel for inter-router communication.

The best part about AiMesh is that even if you decide to add another router to the network after you’ve installed it, you can add another quickly and easily

Get your AiMesh system today!

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