Ghost ‘n Goblins isn’t a franchise that is talked about much in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped one member of the maker community from turning protagonist for the series – Arthur – into a scale 3D print.

That maker isĀ Collin Tupper who decided to embark on this project after not being able to find a model of Arthur available for him to print.

Tupper tells us that the modelling work here was done in Tinkercad over the course of around ten hours and a lot of trial and error as this was his first time using the software.

Printing took slightly less time at around six hours including some supports to help the dynamic running pose on show here.

You can see those supports, along with the finished model, in the gallery below. This version of the print is 12.5 X 12.5 X 9.5 centimetres and comes with a base to keep it grounded.

With the excess plastic removed a primer was applied followed by some sanding and a silver spray for the armour.

While much of the model is silver because of all the armour, some hand painting with acrylics was required here – the beard, face and shadowing was done in this way.

If you’d like your own Arthur to protect your desk or shelf from ghost, goblins, and sundry, the files to print him are available for free over on MyMiniFactory and the Tinkercad site.

This print was actually created for a contest recently run by MyMiniFactory which tasked entrants with creating characters in Tinkercad. The contest closed earlier this month and winners should be announced soon.

Regardless, we fully expect a remix in the near future featuring Arthur after taking a hit, sans armour in all his boxer-glad glory.

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