This week Avengers: Endgame hits local cinemas, and if you’re one of the people who thinksĀ Thanos did nothing wrong, Google has a fun easter egg for you to enjoy.

Said egg was discovered by Twitter user Albert Aydin, and it allows you to snap away half of your search results in Google. The only caveat is that the search is restricted to Thanos.

Should you be interested in seeing the snap in action, head to your Google search bar and type in the term “Thanos”. From there, an image of the Mad Titan as voiced by Josh Brolin in the Avengers films will appear, with an emoji of the Infinity Gauntlet he dons in Infinity War showing up too.

Click on that and half of your search results will disappear with the same dust animation we saw at the end of Infinity War. You also get to see the number of search results at the top of the page whittle down to half of what they originally were.

If you want to correct the snap, clicking on the Gauntlet again brings all the search results back.

It’s a nice touch from Google, and shows that there are still fans of Thanos out there. If you’re still yet to watch Endgame, this easter egg is a nice time waster in the interim.

[Image – Reddit]