Earlier this week iFixit published a teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Sadly, if you head over to the iFixit website now you won’t be able to find that teardown as it has been taken down. The reason for that is explained by iFixit in a blog post.

“We were provided our Galaxy Fold unit by a trusted partner. Samsung has requested, through that partner, that iFixit remove its teardown. We are under no obligation to remove our analysis, legal or otherwise. But out of respect for this partner, whom we consider an ally in making devices more repairable, we are choosing to withdraw our story until we can purchase a Galaxy Fold at retail,” the repair site explained.

It appears then that Samsung wasn’t as big a fan of iFixit’s teardown as we were and we’re honestly not sure how to feel about that.

On one hand, Samsung has a right to protect its brand and products. In addition to that, iFixit did publish a teardown of a device that Samsung has delayed the official release of, with the intent of solving the problems that arose last week.

On the other hand, we’re a bit disappointed that Samsung didn’t let sleeping dogs lie. For one, the teardown could have been used to assure buyers that Samsung had solved issues (if it does) by comparing the teardown that is now gone, with a teardown of the handset when it’s out again.

The situation also just smacks of a company not liking what somebody says about its product and flexing its muscle to have that opinion removed.

Something that we’re sure Samsung didn’t account for is the fact that the internet never forgets and more importantly, it’s extraordinarily difficult to remove things from the internet.

On that note, you can find an archived page containing iFixit’s Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown here.

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