Over the past weekend another tragic shooting took place in the US. More specifically a gunman opened fire on a Californian synagogue on the last day of Passover, where he injured three people and killed a 60-year old woman at the time of writing.

While this latest incident once again brings to light the much debated issue of gun ownership laws in the States, it has also earned our attention as the shooter (who will not be named out of respect for the victims) referenced the “subscribe to PewDiePie” meme that’s being doing the rounds online over the past few months.

This therefore prompted popular YouTuber PewDiePie (aka¬†Felix Kjellberg) to address the issue in a new video, asking his viewers and fans to stop the meme. This as last month’s Christchurch mosque shooter also referenced the meme.

At the time Kjellberg decided only to condemn the actions of the shooter on Twitter, but opted not to talk about it further as not to bring any more attention to the person, or turn this tragic event into something about him.

Following this most recent incident, however, Kjellberg felt the need to address his followers.

Along with wanting his fans to end the meme, Kjellberg also spoke about his online “battle” with T-Series, and the two diss tracks he made to help fuel the rivalry, noting that should not be taking seriously, and his desire to stop any negative rhetoric around it.

In recent years Kjellberg has been somewhat of an easy target for media, especially as his online behaviour seemingly attracted attention from outliers who used his name and PewDiePie persona to justify their hateful or nefarious actions.

While it remains unclear if PewDiePie’s call will be headed, it is at least good to see him address this issue.

Hit play on the video below to hear his thoughts.

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