Power, and ready access thereto, has become something that most South Africans are beginning to think more frequently about.

Part of the reason is the country’s power utility and its load shedding woes, but another significant contributor is how the nature of work is changing, and the fact that people need to be able to work on the go, even when a power source is not readily at hand.

Consequently more and more consumers are reaching for power banks and other gadgets, but with so many brands out there, who do you go with?

Power player

One trusted option is PQI, which is a brand distributed locally by Rectron.

They specialise in accessories, and power banks in particular, having scooped numerous awards for their products over the years, both in terms of design and performance.

Some of their more recent accolades include the MyLockey, a biometric security solution for PCs and notebooks that provides users access within 0.15 seconds, which was given a Taiwan Excellence Award. Another notable product is the Multi-Plug C180, which features three different jacks that allow you to connect a number of mobile devices, whether it be iOS (Lightning) or Android (USB Type-C or microUSB).

While these are examples of the accessories and gadgets that PQI sells locally, a growing segment for the company of late has been power banks, and luckily the brand has a number of options available in that regard.

Faster than most

What makes them stand out from some of the others on the market, is the fact that most support Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3), which offers up to four times faster charging capacity compared to standard charging. In some of PQI’s models this means you can charge a smartphone from 0 percent to 80 percent in 35 minutes, with an equivalent power bank without QC3 taking more than one and a half hours.

Seeing as load shedding arrives at the most inopportune times, being able to quickly charge your smartphone or notebook is important, especially when you need to get things done.

Power banks are not only helpful for charging your critical hardware in an outage, but also some of your other gadgets too. Should you want to do some gaming on the Nintendo Switch for example, PQI’s 10000V with QC3 is compatible with the Japanese company’s console, and allows you to pass the time playing games. This also means you won’t be wearing down the battery on your smartphone to play said games.

Peace of mind

Along with the ability to support a wide-ranging number of devices, consumers are also wanting peace of mind from their power banks, especially as anything containing such large capacity batteries need to feature high quality construction and durability.

In this department PQI is more than covered, with their power banks designed to ensure no circuit overcharging or over-discharging occurs. Added to this is protection from short circuiting, overflow and electrical leakage, all of which are issues that less well made power banks suffer from.

As such power banks should be seen as an investment and not a short-term solution. With load shedding now a reality or life in South Africa, and people more mobile for work than ever, having a power bank on hand makes sense. Not just any power bank though, make sure it’s a quality one, like the models available from PQI.

To find out more about PQI and its range of power banks, contact local distributor Rectron.

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