Airbnb has a new initiative in the works, with the home sharing platform recently announcing a new Donations service.

It’s an extension of the Open Homes initiative that Airbnb launched back in 2017, with this new offering now allowing owners to set aside a portion of their income to organisations that design structures for people in need of temporary housing.

A specific percentage can be determined by Airbnb home owners, with the company stating that 100 percent of it will go to aforementioned non-profits.

Donors will also be giving regular updates as to how their contributions are being put to use, as well as how people are benefitting from them, Airbnb adds.

The company also notes that more than 25 000 people have been helped to date under the former Open Homes initiatives, which comprises of refugees, evacuees and relief workers, with this latest form of the initiative aiming to assist a further 2 million people over the coming year. The company says that goal is achievable if every US Airbnb home owner donates 1 percent of their profit.

It’s expected that the large majority of that 2 million target will be refugees, many of which have fled their own countries due to ongoing wars there.

Given the actions of president Trump’s reign in office to date, and his staunch stance of immigration, it should be interesting to see how his administration reacts to this development.

With this being a predominantly US-focused initiative for now, we’re hoping Airbnb expands it to other parts of the globe also suffering with refugee crises.

For now Airbnb is partnering with Hands and Hearts, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps for its new Donation initiative.

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