Local community watch application, OurHood, has today announced a new equity partner.

The equity investment doesn’t come from a venture capital firm abroad but rather Cape Town-based software developer, Lightswitch Solutions.

The developer will join OurHood as an equity partner to oversee the ongoing development, updates and improvements to the OurHood applications and website.

“We are really proud of the iOS and Android Apps that we’ve built for OurHood. To be an equity partner forms part of our business strategy to not only deliver products for our clients, but to have our team build our own products which we can showcase to the world,” chief executive officer at Lightswitch Solutions, Keelan Whiting, said in a press statement.

Speaking about the partnership, OurHood co-founder Bruce Good says that tech development skills are costly and tough to find making the partnership rather valuable.

“To have an outstanding partner like Lightswitch on board to provide the software expertise is essential for us to deliver a high quality, slick product. Over the past four years we have seen how great the demand has been for a private app for neighbourhoods, we’re thrilled to be able to deliver a product that meets this demand,” Good said.

For those who aren’t aware, OurHood is an application that functions not only as a neighbourhood watch platform but an online community meeting place as well. Community led facilities such as community policing forums and Home Owner Association material, minutes and updates, classified adverts for local services and recommendations all have a space on OurHood.

The OurHood application is available for iOS as well as Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]