Each year the first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day, a worldwide initiative to celebrate comic which includes, as you may have guessed, freebies and other promotional items intended to reward loyal readers as well as getting new people into the hobby.

South Africa and its various comic book stores have participated in the event over the years, so we’ve gathered up a list of them which will be running some kind of event on the day.

This list is taken directly from the official Free Comic Book Day website and its store locator, which has our country listed. The locator sections the store by suburb, in alphabetical order, which we will list too.

One last thing to mention is that you may have trouble finding South Africa in the locator as it’s listed as “S. AFRICA”.

Looking over this we’re fairly sure it’s incomplete, but it is what is listed officially. If you have a comic or hobby store near you we suggest phoning them up and asking if they will be participating in the event and what is happening on the day.

This is especially important as Free Comic Book Day is happening on 4th May, or May the Fourth – Star Wars Day. On top of comics you’re sure to find lots of paraphernalia from Star Wars being promoted.

Despite the name of Free Comic Book Day the stores involved usually have sales going on so you can pick up literature and more at a discount. There’s also, usually, deals where you can qualify for free items after reaching a certain threshold on purchases.

Online stores are likely to also be offering specials on the day but we strongly urge you to support brick and mortar in this regard. Aside from organising the day these stores are also where many other such hobbies like organised TCG and tabletop gaming are held, so buying a few comics there helps keep these spaces open to provide a venue for this.

By the way, the header image for this story is from the locally made comic Kwezi. Consider picking it up while browsing the shelves tomorrow.