Every year FlySafair holds a sale where flights on the airline are discounted to ridiculous rates.

This year the same holds true as the airline intends to host a sale where tickets will cost just R5. FlySafair has 45 000 seats to sell for R5 and the sale goes live at 9:00 on Tuesday 7th May.

Now, we can’t talk about a FlySafair sale without talking about the absolute disaster that is the airline’s website during the sale.

Time outs, outright crashes and an inability to even access the website are all common occurrences but this year the airline says things will run a bit smoother.

“Learning from the first year’s website issues, FlySafair implemented what it calls a “Waiting Room” in year two. This is effectively a holding area that allows a random selection of users onto the site every five minutes in order to avoid the website from being overwhelmed,” the airline said.

The waiting room is still in effect this year but things will be a bit different. Buyers will be randomly selected from the waiting room and be granted access to the website.

Once on the website, buyers will have to complete their purchase immediately or the session will expire.

Buyers have been asked to remain in the waiting room as if they aren’t selected the first time around they can be still be randomly selected.

As a way to keep folks busy while they wait, FlySafair will host three competitions in the waiting room.

Free2Fly competition – win a card that lets you fly on any FlySafair flight for free, for 12 months

Jive for R5  – win one of five tickets by uploading a video of you “jiving” for tickets

R5 Madness – win an online shopping voucher for uploading a photo of you in the waiting room.

The airline advises buyers log into the waiting room with multiple devices and be attentive so as not to miss their chance to purchase ticket when the time comes.

Will FlySafair get it right this time around? We’ll have to see tomorrow.