Local developer RND Labs has announced the launch of a new app which it says will protect users’ airtime for being sucked up by malicious apps or actors.

Dubbed Guardian, RND Labs describes the app as anti-virus for your airtime.

The application scans your smartphone, detecting and removing malicious applications that could be sucking up your airtime.

“We hope Guardian will emerge as the leading locally-developed Android app aimed at protecting mobile users from inadvertently downloaded malware. Airtime is a de facto currency today and its theft has a real adverse financial impact on millions of people,” RND Labs director Laurence Seberini said in a media statement.

The app usually carries a price of R9.99 but the first 1 000 users to sign up will get Guardian for free.

“The growing challenge of malware and ransomware inadvertently downloaded from app stores by unsuspecting mobile users requires effective responses from the local mobile content and applications industry. We believe Guardian is a great example of what can be achieved by local development talent in the face of virtual threats,” concludes Seberini.

Guardian is available through the Google Play Store, and there is no word on an iOSĀ  application as yet.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]