Motherboard and server blade manufacturer Super Micro has made the decision to move some of its operations out of China.

The decision comes on the back of a report last year from Bloomberg. In that report it was alleged that several manufacturers based in China were hiding spy chips in their tech.

No evidence was found to support the claims but it appears as if Super Micro is looking to avoid something like this from happening again.

As such the manufacturer will be moving its motherboard production outside of China. A report from TechSpot reveals that since those allegations last year, Super Micro has had difficulty selling product to US customers, especially those with ties to government.

As such the firm is looking to become more self-reliant and rely less on outsourcing partners whose production has been based in China for the most part.

In addition to this, Nikkei Asian Review quotes analyst Betty Shyu who says that additional tariffs imposed by the US government may also be a factor pushing Super Micro to put distance between its operations and China.

Super Micro is currently the third largest server manufacturer in the world (by shipments) behind HP and Dell. Over the last quarter the firm’s sales fell 10 percent.

There is a possibility that Super Micro will slip to the fourth position should this trend continue and this move away from China appears to be a direct response to that.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]